Friday, January 4, 2013


Kinda like the AMERICAN BEAUTY of gore and perversion (except for the fact AB is one of the greatest films ever and this film is only so-so), EXCISION tells the story of an outwardly normal upper-middle class suburban family that is actually all fucked up...especially the eldest teenage daughter Pauline.  Pauline barely has any grasp on reality and spends most of her time fantasizing about gore and blood and a whole flock of other perversions.  Despite the fact that she is clearly off her rocker she still attends normal classes and is even allowed to roam around without multiple armed guards in riot gear.

I'm not going to give away the story, but I really enjoyed the first two acts of EXCISION, especially the awesome fantasy scenes.  The last act, not so much, but that's just my personal feelings maybe you'll think it was great.  Personally I wish it had been done a little bit more dreamier.

I grew up on films like this and I was really impressed by the fact that not only did the filmmakers center this story around a female, but they were able to find one as beautiful and talented as AnnaLynne McCord to play the lead.  I knew she was talented from her brief stint on "Nip/Tuck", but she was truly impressive here and quite brave to be so uglied up for nearly the entire film.  Also I was really impressed with Traci Lords acting in this film.

Not the greatest gore perversion film of all time or even in the Top 50, but still an fun ride filled with quite a few laughs.