Saturday, January 19, 2013


A shitbag family hires a shitbag assassin to kill their shitbag ex-wife/mom.  That's not the tagline, but it could have been.  When trailer park drug dealer Chris finds out that his scumbag mom stole his dope he's all pissed off, cause if he doesn't pay his dealer back the 6 grand the drugs are worth he's gonna end up tortured and buried alive.  So what's his plan?  Hire crooked cop/assassin Joe to kill his mama so he can collect the $50,000 insurance money.  Of course, being a dumbass, he couldn't do this on his own so he ends up getting his dad, his sister and his stepmother involved.  Combined their I.Q.'s equal about 75.

The idea for KILLER JOE is alright, just alright, nothing more and in the right hands (David Lynch) it could have ended up awesome, but in the hands of William Friedkin it ended up only so-so.  While I was watching it I was mildly amused, but it was all pretty predictable and I'd never watch it again.  If you need me I'll be in my room watching WILD AT HEART.

Nude scene

 I've lived my entire life in Texas and I ain't never heard anybody call KFC "K-Fry-C".  

 Poorly disguised fire sprinkler pipes.