Friday, January 18, 2013

MR. LUCKY (1943)

Hmmm, well this was kinda disappointing .  With the title MR. LUCKY I was expecting a screwball comedy about a guy who wins the lottery and then has problems finding out if the cute girl he just met is into him or just his money...or something like that.  Instead MR. LUCKY has Cary Grant as a tough guy gangster (haha...I've never thought of Cary Grant as tough) who's running an illegal gambling set up.  The law is making things tough for him so he gets involved with a War Relief group in hopes that they'll help him set up a big time charity event and then before they know what's going on he'll split with the $200,000.   That's pretty fucking low, but naturally he has a change of heart when he starts to fall for the chick who's running the joint, Laraine Day.  Yawn.

As much as I like the two leads I had a hard time getting through this film.  The story is depressing, the romantic stuff is just ridiculous and the pacing is murder.  I have zero desire to ever watch this ever again.  If you need me I'll be in my room watching THE AWFUL TRUTH or BRINGING UP BABY or both!