Friday, March 8, 2013


Stealth bomber pilots John Travolta and Christian Slater (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!) are out on a routine practice mission flying around some desert in Utah when Travolta tries to murder Slater and then ejects him so he can steal the two nuclear weapons on board.  From that point on it's just these two (and various bad guys to add to the body count) battling it out in the desert.  Only thing is since it's a huge desert and the writing is so poor they have to constantly telling each other their plans or they would never see each other again.  Also they repeatedly get the other one dead to rights in their gun sight but hold off pulling the trigger long enough to smirk and let the other jump out of the way!  At one point there is a fucking nuclear bomb counting down just a few feet away and Slater actually has a tire jack in his hand, cocked to cave in Travolta's skull, but he puts it down and punches him instead.  That kind of shit is enough to drive a logical person batty, but like any good train wreck you can't take your eyes off it. 

Travolta hams it up nonstop to the point where you begin to believe he's fucking with the audience, Slater gets a forest ranger sidekick, explosions all over the joint, nonstop gunfire, zero nudity, bad acting by the supporting characters (especially Travolta's sidekick), helicopters exploding, trains exploding, horrible boxing scene, cheesy special effects, slow motion overdose, shooting two guns at once.  Honestly the film is just awful, but still a fun watch.  Hell, I own the damn thing.