Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DREDD (2012)

Set way off in the future after nuclear war has fucked everything all up, Mega-City One takes up pretty much all of New England and has a population of 800 million people.  Yikes!  As you can imagine life is pretty shitty, especially for people who live in gigantic 200-story slum towers.  One of the worst of these high-rise ghettos is Peach Trees which is controlled by a drug lord named "Ma-Ma".  Dredd and his brand new trainee Anderson (that superhot girl from THE DARKEST HOUR) go out to investigate a triple murder only to get locked inside and hunted by Ma-Ma's ruthless and heavily-armed gang.

I'm not quite sure why DREDD bombed so bad at the box office (probably had something to do with poor advertising, the lingering stink of the Stallone version of Dredd and the fact that going to the movie theater fucking sucks total balls), but it did.  Which is a shame cause I would really like to see a sequel.  DREDD is a fun, no nonsense action movie that starts out with a bang and keeps the action going the entire film.  It's not good enough for me to buy it and watch over and over, but for a single watch I enjoyed it from beginning to end.  Tons of action, nice looking sets, non-distracting CG, quick pace, fun story, good acting, Cersei from "Game of Thrones", surprising amount of blood.  Definitely worth a checking out if you're an action fan.