Saturday, March 30, 2013

GONE (2012)

Awhile back Amanda Seyfried was abducted out of her bed by some unidentified kidnapper dude and held in the middle of the woods in a hole with the bodies of previous victims.  She managed to escape, but for whatever reason the police were unable to find any evidence to back up her story.  People start to think she might be a little bit unhinged so she's placed in a mental facility.  Fast-forward to the opening of the film and now Amanda lives with her older sister.  Somehow (and this is the most mysterious part of the movie) Amanda is able to hike around the forest all day looking for the murder hole and then work the overnight shift waitressing at a diner.  When does she sleep?!

So now one night after work she gets home to find her sister gone...GONE!  You would think that after the first kidnapping she would have invested in a home security system or a dog, but no that makes too much sense.  She goes to the police, but they don't give a fuck, so she takes the law into her own hands and turns this mother upside down looking for her sister.

As far as illogical thrillers go GONE is pretty average, but still an enjoyable watch mainly thinks to Amanda Seyfried being so nice to look at.  Her hair was amazing!  The pace is fairly quick, so even if the story is completely unbelievable you really never get a chance to get bored.  With zero nudity, zero blood, zero gore and very little cussing GONE is pretty much just a fancy looking TV movie, but still worth a watch on a rainy afternoon.  Oh, yeah the film also co-stars Wes Bentley and Dexter's sister, but neither one have more than just a bit role.