Saturday, March 2, 2013


A mute special effects artist from America is working on a film in Moscow.  One evening, at the end of the shooting day, she forgets something inside the rundown studio and goes back inside to get  it only to find two of the Russian crew making a snuff film!  Couldn't these guys have waited until the others were gone for like 5 minutes?!  Scared out of her wits she runs all around the studio with the two killers only a few steps behind her.  She escapes, but then things get even crazier.

I like the idea of the film and some of the suspense stuff at the beginning is fun, but after awhile it just becomes too much.  The American director is goofy to the point of being retarded and the main girl herself doesn't really seem all that traumatized by the murder she witnessed and the attempt on her life.  She lives through the opening chase scene, but once she's free she just goes back to her apartment alone and chills out in the bathtub.  If that was me, I'd be armed to the teeth and killing anybody who even looked at me cross-eyed.

Mild blood, zero gore, badly shot nudity, quick pace, Alec Guinness cameo, unrealistic characters.  MUTE WITNESS is a simple film that's completely unbelievable, but still a fun watch as long as you don't expect too much.  But do expect to make fun of that director dude.  He was an idiot.  Fucker couldn't even boil water and answer the phone at the same time.  Moron.