Friday, March 1, 2013


Boring.  After the delightful MIDNIGHT IN PARIS I had hopes that Woody was back on his A game, but no, those hopes were quickly dashed only a few minutes into this snoozer.  Set in Rome, TO ROME WITH LOVE tells four different stories...
  • An average everyday guy is suddenly famous for no other reason than being famous.  His every move is scrutinized day and night and the paparazzi follow him everywhere.  How original.
  • A dweeby nerd has the hots for his girlfriend's shallow best friend.  Yawn.
  • A nerd is suppose to take his girlfriend on some kind of job interview/sightseeing tour/dinner party thing or something, but his gf gets lost walking to the hair salon, so he takes a prostitute instead.  At the same time, his girlfriend goes to lunch with a movie star, but ends up sleeping with a hotel burglar.  o_O
  • Woody Allen and wife go to Rome to see their daughter's fiancee.  Once there Woody is impressed by the boyfriend's father's singing voice while in the shower, so he pulls some strings and gets the guy to sing on a shower.  Heh.
TRWL is Allen completely on auto-pilot.  There isn't a single funny, insightful or original moment in the entire film.  If you're a fan of Allen's then everything is gonna feel like a watered-down version of something you've already seen before.  It's as boring and lifeless as can be...but it's still light years better than that horrible MELINDA AND MELINDA.  Skip it and never look back.