Thursday, April 18, 2013


I wasn't expect it to be, but NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE is funny as fuck.  I laughed so hard I actually had to rewind it a bunch of time to catch the stuff I missed.  What's even stranger is even though it's 12 years old, it's barely even dated.  Most of the jokes are still funny and the various cultural references are still relevant.  Bizarre.

Two of the coolest kids at John Hughes High School make a bet that the one, Jake, can't turn the biggest "shitbomb" in school into the prom queen.  Difficulty level: even though she's obviously extremely hot she hides it beneath glasses, a ponytail and wears overalls with paint speckles on it.  That's the main story, but there's tons of other things going on.  Nerds trying to get laid, football player haunted by past memories, the prom, sister wanting to bang brother, The most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen, high quality naked chicks, tons of smaller jokes, Lacey Chabert as a girl who's so hot that people freeze in place whenever she's around, an blind albino hippie chick that plays guitar, cheerleaders who bring it.

Honestly the only two things that I would change about the film (besides more top shelf nudity) would be to remove those terrible cover songs and replace them with the originals.  Does anybody really want to hear Good Charlotte doing "If You Leave"?!  Yuck!
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