Friday, June 14, 2013


I have a feeling that the makers of EXORCIST II had no idea what the public wanted.  If they had, they damn sure wouldn't have made this mess!

A few years after the events of the original film Regan is in therapy and the Vatican wants to know why Father Merrin died.  So they send in Father Richard Burton to investigate.  He meets Regan and her therapist and even sits in on a session where they use a "synchronizer" that connects two people's's all very silly...and low and behold Pazuzu shows up!  Burton has a vision of a younger Father Merrin fighting Pazuzu in Ethiopia so he travels there for answers.  Does he get them?  I have no idea cause by this time my eyes had already rolled back in my head six hundred and sixty-six times and I was getting dizzy.

I'm sure the filmmakers had they hearts in the right place, but unfortunately they didn't have their brains in the right place cause if they had they would have just made another film just like the original except make it even more violent and more perverse!  The original shocked the money out of audiences pocketbooks with a creepy atmospheric buildup that boiled over into a final act exploding with blasphemy, perversion and sickness.  None of that happens in the sequel.  The closest we get is at the end when Regan goes back to the house and wears some yellow contacts.  Wow.

Every film has it's fans and I'm sure EIITH is no different, but from a horror standpoint this film is a complete waste of time that's full of metaphysical baloney, absurd dialogue, Richard Burton putting out a roaring fire with a crutch(!!!) and dreamy imaginary instead of gooey demon makeup, crucifix fucking and projectile vomit.

Not a bad film but the fans deserved better.  Worth watching for the curiosity factor alone.

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