Saturday, June 8, 2013


"Let Jesus fuck you, let Jesus fuck you."

THE EXORCIST on blu-ray on a proper TV is a revelation.  I've seen the film many times over the years on everything from supershitty cable to shitty VHS to less shitty laserdisc, but when I sat down to watch it last night on the blu-ray it felt like I was watching it again for the first time.  The picture was so crisp with so many little details and the audio...holy shit!  I'd actually forgotten how slow it was at the beginning, but it wasn't "slow" in a bad way like a lot of films, instead it added greatly to the character development and build a lot of tension.  Also, the photography was way better than I remember it being.

For the six hundred threescore and six people out there who haven't see THE EXORCIST the story is about a young girl, Regan, who lives with her actress mother in a very nice house in Georgetown.  For the most part Regan is a normal girl, but when she starts to show small signs of behavioral abnormality, her concerned mother does the proper thing and takes her to the doctor.  The doctor runs a million test, but none of them show anything.  Regan's symptoms get a lot worse until it's evident that her problems aren't physical but more spiritual.  A exorcist is called in and the rest is film history.

I could go on for days about THE EXORCIST about stuff that was left out from the book (ankle licking, the demon given a name: Pazuzu) and how the ending of the film went on for way too long, but Happyotter isn't really about film analysis, it's more about capsule reviews and in that regard I say Satan compels you to watch it.

P.S. Your mother sucks cocks in Hell.

Part 2 - Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)
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Part 5 - Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist (2005)

My favorite shot of the movie.