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Saturday, June 8, 2013


"Let Jesus fuck you, let Jesus fuck you."

[Update 01/05/2022: Just cut out a bunch of garbage and need to redo this review completely.]

For the six hundred threescore and six people out there who haven't see THE EXORCIST the story is about a young girl, Regan, who lives with her actress mother in a very nice house in Georgetown.  For the most part Regan is a normal girl, but when she starts to show small signs of behavioral abnormality, her concerned mother does the proper thing and takes her to the doctor.  The doctor runs a million test, but none of them show anything.  Regan's symptoms get a lot worse until it's evident that her problems aren't physical but more spiritual.  A exorcist is called in and the rest is film history.

I could go on for days about THE EXORCIST about stuff that was left out from the book (ankle licking, the demon given a name: Pazuzu) and how the ending of the film went on for way too long, but Happyotter isn't really about film analysis, it's more about capsule reviews and in that regard I say Satan compels you to watch it.

P.S. Your mother sucks cocks in Hell.

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My favorite shot of the movie.