Monday, June 3, 2013


And 2004's "Dumb Ass of the Year" Award goes to...Douglas Whooly!  Poor Douglas Wooly is a highly-disturbed little kid who's obsessed with the extremely shitty-looking video game "Satan's Little Helper" so much so that he dresses up like a devil and rambles on constantly about helping Satan...he also wants to marry his older sister.  So now when she comes home from college for Halloween and brings home her new boyfriend, Douglas is really upset and runs off to find Satan.  He doesn't quite find Satan, but he does find a serial killer in a demon outfit and decides to give him a helping hand killing people.

That story idea sounds equally both promising and stupid and guess what?  That's exactly what happens.  Once you get over the very low budget, SLH isn't so bad at the beginning.  The kid who plays Douglas definitely does a good portrayal of a kid too stupid for his own good and as wacky as the story sounds, it's actually kind of believable for a little while but then it gets a little too grand for it's own good and instead of playing it subtle, it spreads the malevolence all over town "Needful Things"-style and fails completely.

Despite the silly ending, SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER is still a fun lite-horror film that's greatly benefited by the presence of Katheryn Winnick who is absolutely gorgeous and does a fine job considering she isn't given much to work with.  It kinda brings to mind Jennifer Pudavick's standout performance in WRONG TURN 4.  Anyway, since there's not really any blood, gore or nudity I would imagine that most horror fans would hate it, but if you're opening minded and can appreciate a film with a low budget then check it out.
Best thing about this movie.

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