Thursday, July 18, 2013


After she nearly runs him over with her car, Helene (Catherine Deneuve) hooks up with total loser Gilles (Patrick Dewaere).  Right from the start this relationship is doomed, but yet for whatever reason they keep plugging away at it even though Gilles has the maturity level of an infant.  He's constantly pouting and throwing temper tantrums.  And when he's not doing that he's either storming off or getting drunk.  This dude is a total mess!  At one point he's shit faced and she's driving him home so he throws their house keys out the car window then tries to wreck the car while saying "We should get married."  What the fuck is wrong with this guy?!  Oh, yeah he's also extremely jealous of her last boyfriend...who died in a swimming accident!  Also his best friend is an unemployed musician who goes around stealing calculators, begging for money and acting like a total creep to everybody including Gilles' younger sister.

Deneuve is beautiful as always, but I just couldn't get over what an asshole Gilles was.  I guess that's the point of the film, but it's too frustrating to be enjoyable.  Here this guy hooks up with the most beautiful woman in the world and he gets so butthurt over the fact that she still has a place in her heart for her dead ex that he sticks out his bottom lip and lays in bed for days(!!!) not eating and when she tries to be nice to him he jumps up and starts slapping her around!  What the fuck?

Technically HOTEL AMERICA looks fine and the acting is good, but it's just not my cup of tea.  Maybe you'll enjoy watching these two cold, disconnected lovers more than I did.