Monday, July 15, 2013

OLDBOY (2003)

At the end of a long night of hardcore drinking, a man (Min-sik Choi) is kidnapped and wakes up in what looks to be a cheap hotel room.  Problem is he can't get out.  The metal door is locked.  Fifteen years later (and now framed for his wife's murder), he's released.  Consumed by vengeance, he sets off to find out who did this to him and kill them.

OLDBOY is a good film that's been tarnished somewhat (and by no fault of it's own) by the public that has, for some reason, yanked their dicks off over the movie.  I'm not really sure why either.  OLDBOY is a very good film, but even after repeat viewings I'm not sure exactly why the fanboys have centered in on it as being the greatest thing since sliced bread.  On IMDb it's currently ranked as the #84th greatest movie of all time with an 8.4/10 rating.  That's just insane.  It's a good film, but I thought Chan-wook Park's own THIRST was much better.  But then again I like vampires.

Quick pace, dated CGI, torture, blood, more torture, tongue removing, super-awesome long-ass fight scene in a hallway, dedicated acting, dickshit, octopus murder, sexual perversions, suicide, dismemberment, woofing like a dog, angel wings.  OLDBOY is a great movie, but just don't let the hype lead you to expect more than it actually is.

Part 1 - Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
Part 3 - Sympathy for Lady Vengeance