Friday, July 12, 2013


Two dummies, I'm talking DUMB AND DUMBER dumb, are wandering around out in the desert looking for uranium when they stumble across a house out in the middle of nowhere.  The house is fully furnished, but it only has mannequins in it so they think that it's a model home.  Yeah, in the middle of the desert.  The one dummy (Robert Strauss) takes the car to go into town to go find help while the other dummy (Mickey Rooney) stays at the house.  Why?!  Anyway, the house is actually at the location of an atomic bomb test that's about to take place. 

The bomb explodes and despite Rooney only being a few hundred yards away from the explosion he somehow lives.  He's taken to a military hospital for treatment and observation.  Naturally his beautiful nurse (played by Rooney's real-life wife at the time...he's had eight total!!!) falls in love with him, but they have to take it slow because anytime they start to get down to knockin' boots his Geiger counter/watch starts clicking and he might explode.  Hardy-har-har.  But that's all of the excitement!  Oh no.  There's also a Russia spy out to get information about Rooney.  Hilarious.

Maybe back in 1954 this was a real side-splitter, but I doubt it.  It wasn't funny then and it's even less funny now.  The only giggle I got out of the entire movie was the ridiculously over the top scream Rooney did when he got hit by the kitchen door.  Other than that I was pretty bored.

Not a bad film, but the story is so lazy and juvenile that it was completely lost on me.  Elaine Davis was very beautiful though.