Saturday, September 28, 2013

COPYCAT (1995)

There's a new serial killer in town.  Except that's he's the same as the old serial killers.  Say wut?  That's right, it's a copycat!  Meow.  After respected criminal psychologist Sigourney Weaver falls victim to a failed attack by a deranged murderer she goes into seclusion (and he goes to prison), but the appearance of this new killer and the cop's complete failure of an investigation cause her to reach out to help.  But it's gonna be a challenge cause he's definitely done his homework.

COPYCAT kinda fell into obscurity compared to other serial killer movies of the 90's THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, SEVEN, but it's still a good film.  It might not have the same unique flair that those films, but with an impressive cast, fast pace,serial killer references,  Holly Hunter looking cute, nostalgic 90's technology, a fun story and a hacked internet address I enjoyed it.  I am sad that we never got to get a good look at Sigourney's squirrel cover though.