Thursday, October 10, 2013


Set in the year 2077, Earth is all messed up.  Sixty years earlier an alien force called Scavs invaded Earth.  Humans fought back as best they could, but were eventually forced to use nuclear weapons and in doing so they won the war but destroyed the entire planet.  Even the Moon got blown up!  Now 60 years later the majority of humans live on Titan or on a massive space station orbiting Earth called Tet.  On Earth itself are two humans: Tom Cruise and partner/lover Andrea Riseborough.  They live at the top of a super tall tower.  Tom repairs drones that are used to protect massive power stations (that are using the ocean to create fusion power) from a few remaining Scav bandits.  The truly weird thing is neither Tom nor Andrea have any memories other than fixing these drones for the last five years.  The excuse is that their memories were wiped for security reason, but yet Tom sometimes has haunting glimpses of a life that couldn't possibly be real.  Living in a large, human-filled city and in love with a woman he's never seen before.  What could it mean?  Andrea is very loving towards him, but at the same time she is strictly by the book and longs for this assignment to be over so they can go to Titan.  Tom on the other hand can't shake these scrapings in the back of his mind and feels a strong unspoken love for Earth.  Then another human shows up.

I really, really liked this film.  Especially the first act.  The visuals and the mystery were so strong that I couldn't take my eyes off the screen and my brain was exploding like a burning fireworks factory.  Then once Tom makes his discovery and things got a little predictable, but I really liked the way they wrapped things up.

I would love to talk about OBLIVION more...the visuals, the story, the awesome score...but I think that the less you know about it the better.  Just go into it blind and enjoy the mindfuckery. It actually gets even better with repeat viewings...I've watched it 6 times now.  Highly recommended.