Thursday, October 3, 2013


I've never read a Tom Clancy novel (although I've spent thousands of hours playing Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell), but if the novel "The Hunt for Red October" is better than the movie then I might have to because this movie was a blast!

Opening scene, a highly respected Russian submarine commander (Connery) is suppose to take the Soviet Navy's new revolutionary stealth nuclear submarine out on a test run, but instead he's making a break for the U.S.  Has he gone mad?  Is he gonna start WWIII?  Is he trying to defect?  Maybe he's lost or there's a wookalar loose on board the sub.  Nobody knows!  So now not only is the entire Soviet Navy after him, including submarine captain Stellan Skarsgard, but also the entire American military including CIA analyst Alec Baldwin.  It's all very exciting.  Explosions, sonar, helicopters, jets, torpedoes, impressive models, unobtrusive computer effects, fast pace that makes the 134 minute run time fly by, strong cast, exciting story.

I don't know if you could enjoy watching it over and over, but if you're into military thrillers then THFRO should at least be seen once.  Recommended.

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