Thursday, October 31, 2013


Four friends, three guys and a girl, graduate high school and based on their antics at the beginning of the film I don't know how they even accomplished that without going to prison!  Throwing furniture out of third story windows onto a teacher, shooting some guy with a spear gun then dragging him behind a motorcycle, assaulting Takashi Miike with a stick, cracking a guy's skull with a chunk of concrete, attacking a bunch of cops with a metal pole...oh, hahahaha what innocent fun!  Anyway, so these young thugs get out of school and carry on their cavalier lifestyle by being paid muscle to the highest bidder.  The chick continues working at a hair salon.

The remainder of the film is just a series of boring fights, arguments, branding, cheesy music, pants shitting, drunken hijinks, relationship dramas and some guy getting struck by lightning.  I love Miike, but I wasn't feelin' this one.  None of the main characters were likeable in the least, so I didn't care what happened to any of them.  Nice photography, too bad the story was so lame.  Skip it and never look back.

Part 2 - Young Thugs: Nostalgia