Thursday, January 30, 2014


Third string trumpeter, Jack Benny, falls asleep one evening during a live broadcast for Paradise Coffee "The Coffee that Makes You Sleep".  He dreams that he's an angel in Heaven.  There's millions of planet and since the people of Earth are being naughty Jack has been selected to blow the judgement call on a magic trumpet that will destroy the Earth. He's sent down to Earth on a magic elevator with the instructions to blow the horn at exactly midnight.

Naturally if he did that this wouldn't be much of a movie. All kinds of things stand in his way including two fallen angels looking to steal his trumpet, two beautiful women, his discovery of food and swing music. Oh yea, he also get's fired out of a cannon and then later falls off a skyscraper into a cup of coffee.

Overall I thought it was pretty funny. I giggled a few times and enjoyed myself the entire way through. Benny had a few snappy lines and the story had a few clever moments like the lack of angel power in Heaven, the endless bureaucracy in Heaven and the elevator from Heaven to Earth lands in a hotel, much to the irritation of the guests. My favorite thing though was all the great faces: Jack Benny, Alexis Smith, John Alexander, Guy Kibbee, Allyn Joslyn, Dolores Moran, Mike Mazurki and Franklin Pangborn, plus others! And we can't forget the direction by Raoul Walsh.