Thursday, June 5, 2014


Made at the height of the slasher movie craze SILENT RAGE is one of the scariest non-horror movies of the 80's.  I remember watching it as an innocent, unsuspecting kid and it scaring the crap out of me!  The film starts out with some sweaty dude laying in a bed looking as crazy as a shithouse rat.  Next thing you know he's chopping up people with an axe!  Finally, small town cop Chuck Norris kicks his ass, but then some nutcases at the hospital try out an untested rejuvenation serum on him which makes him even crazier.  Even worse: now if you shoot or stab him he just heals right up like it was nothing!

At the time SILENT RAGE was almost too much for my innocent little brain to take.  Watching it now though, it's not nearly as scary as I remember it, but it's still a mildly interesting film.  Chuck Norris is likeable enough, but other than one or two scenes he never gets to kick any ass.  Which is disappointing cause the number one reason you're gonna watch a Chuck Norris movie is to watch him kick ass.  Average pace, topless Chuck Norris, a couple of women topless, annoying sidekick that's suppose to be funny but ain't, 80's clothing, rowdy bikers, lame music, interesting early 80's Dallas area settings (at one point Chuck even drives by a Skaggs Alpha Beta grocery store), vintage Pizza Inn pizza box.  Worth a watch for Chuck fans.
Skaggs Alpha Beta grocery store