Friday, August 22, 2014


Gang rape; silk bondage; non-stop fucking; a chick stuffing grapes in both her pussy and asshole (fun fact: she can peel them and shoot them across the yard with her pussy); murder; death by female masturbation with a large wooden dildo; death by dick exploding; sex on a swing. This movie has a lot of wild shit going for it...everything but the light-hearted craziness that made the first one so much fun to watch. There's still some humorous moments, but it's not as much fun as the original.

Starting directly where the original left off, Part 2 has Simon continuing with his sex-crazed ways. He returns home and immediately has some acrobatic sex with his concubine Lotus (played by the mayor of Boner Town: Serina Hayakawa). Then things take a darker direction when Simon kills his friend's wife because he wants her to fuck her. And that's my problem with the movie. It's too serious.  In Part 1 Simon was innocent and funny, but in this one he's an asshole. Plus he never mentions the art of the Iron Dick! What the fuck?! That was the funniest part about the original.

That leaves us with the sex: all of the women are very attractive and there's almost nonstop nudity, but there's something missing. It just wasn't as over the top and free-spirited as the original. Part 1 seemed hotter. The opening sex scene with the grapes and the swing was the highlight of the movie. I also really enjoyed seeing Serina tied up...goddamn! Other than that it's kinda forgettable.

Worth watching if only for Serina Hayakawa and Kaera Uehara's nude scenes, but don't expect the wackiness of the first one. Also the DVD cover is misleading because it shows the bald chick, Moon, from the original but she's not in this movie. And that sucks cause she was hot and super flexible!

A whole boatload of NSFW screenshots here.

Part 1