Sunday, August 2, 2015


Pre-dating both ARMAGEDDON and ALIEN, THE GREEN SLIME tells the story of some brave men who drill holes into an approaching "global killer" asteroid and blow it up before it can collide with the Earth.  Unfortunately, while they were on the asteroid they picked up a hitchhiker in the form of an icky green slime.  Once they are back on their space station, the green slime grows into a nasty-looking creature that uses it's blood as a defense mechanism by reproducing whenever it bleeds.

That might sound thrilling, but THE GREEN SLIME is not what you would describe as "a well-made film".  The special effects are dated beyond belief, the sets look painfully cheap, the supporting actors often look confused, there's an endless supply of plot holes and worst of all: the ludicrous jockeying between the two officers in charge of the space station.  They literally argue the entire film!  It's ridiculous.  At one point all of the creatures are completely trapped in a confined area and the one dude goes out of his way to disobey the other guy's orders to not open the hatch and, of course, the monsters then proceed to wreck the entire space station.  What an idiot.  He does this over and over!

I remember seeing THE GREEN SLIME on TV (I think on Dr. Paul Bearer's "Creature Feature") when I was very young and it freaked me out, but watching it again now 30+ years's pretty bad.  I did get a number of laughs out of it though.

Recommended for fans of cheesy '60's sci-fi cinema.