Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Now here's an interesting movie.  Released for the 10-year anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination, EXECUTIVE ACTION tells the story, from the conspirators point of view, of the justifications and preparations for JFK's murder.  When it was released (Nov. 7, 1973) there was such a backlash that it was quickly pulled from the theaters.  After that it sat unwatched for a number of years before finally being released on VHS in the 80's.

The presentation style is pretty neat because it smoothly blends together old news footage and photographs with acted out scenes.  When the film opens we're brought into a secret meeting of some government, intelligence and industrial string-pullers talking about the evils of the Kennedys and how if they're not stopped now the entire country is screwed.  Two assassination teams (three shooters each) are put into training.  Now all they have to do is find a fall guy.  Lee Harvey Oswald is selected and a body double is assigned to go around Dallas making memorable impressions of himself at places like a gun store and a shooting range.  Finally the fateful day comes and things go off without a hitch.

I have no opinion on the Kennedy assassination, but this film is thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end.  Quick pace, fascinating subject material, great acting by an outstanding cast.  Even four plus decades after it's release EXECUTIVE ACTION still has the power to get yer brain to thinkin'.  Recommended.