Wednesday, December 9, 2015


This is an outstanding movie.

Austria.  Ex-con Alex is in love with Tamara.  Their relationship is forbidden since they both work for the same crime boss.  Alex as muscle and Tamara as a prostitute.  Tamara is deep in debt and they both dream of escaping.  One day while he's out visiting his grandfather, who lives in the country, Alex comes up with the idea to rob a bank.  That's not the best idea ever, but nobody said these people were smart.  The fateful day comes and things don't go quite as planned.  Now Alex must find somebody to blame for why his life has turned out so poorly.

REVANCHE is a quite movie.  There is no score, the only sounds or music are the ones also heard by the characters.  The pace might even be described as "slow", but to me the entire thing was riveting.  I was actually shocked (after I had finished the film) to discover the runtime is 121 minutes!  The time flew by so quickly I would have sworn it wasn't over a 100 minutes.  

Interesting story, award caliber acting, beautiful scenery, very nice nudity, strong direction, impressive editing and the!!  Even if you're not a fan of the slower pace I can't see anybody disagreeing that this was a very pleasing movie to look at.  I have more to say, but I think the less you know the better.  Just watch it.  Highly recommended.