Monday, December 7, 2015


I don't know what's going on in that poster but it sure as hell ain't what happening in the movie.  That poster looks awesome with four hot chicks getting ready to fight a giant muscled-up gargoyle creature.  Instead, in the movie you have one attractive girl and three plain ones standing around doing a bunch of nothing...for the entire movie!

Set in the future or the past or whenever, but somewhere when spaceships are commonplace, there's a 80's all-girl rock group.  They're invited to play at a club tomorrow night called Radioactive Dream.  It's located on another planet far away.  Their manager steals a spacecraft, but unknown to them there's a guy locked in the storage hold who's killed "over 5,000" women.  Naturally, they crash into a desert planet and the killer dude escape.  Nothing happens.  Nothing happened before and nothing happens afterward.  The majority of the movie is just these four women and their male manager talking and talking and talking.  It's lame.  The End.

After seeing the poster I was excited to watch VICIOUS LIPS but the whole thing was a disappointment.  It wasn't torture to get through, just tiring.  Sloooow pace, three-titted woman four years before 1990's TOTAL RECALL, lots of cheap sets, fog machines working overtime, very brief female nudity, okay acting, forgettable 80's rock.  Skip it.