Sunday, August 14, 2016


This early John Waters' outing finds Mary Vivian Pearce getting her toes sucked in a public park while she dreams about Cinderella.  Afterwards, she's hit by a car driven by Divine.  Divine tossed the unconscious Pearce in her backseat and drives around town.  All kinds of crazy stuff happens including seeing the Virgin Mary in a pig pen, them being committed to an insane asylum and Pearce's feet being amputated and replaced with some kind of chicken feet that when clicked together give her the ability to teleport to different places around town.  The End.

I liked MONDO TRASHO, but at 95 minutes it's waaay too long.  It would have been much better at just half that time.  Wacky, off-the-wall stories like this are much better told quickly and without giving the audience a chance to think too much about what's going on.  With MONDO TRASHO the viewer has plenty of time to daydream.  Simple scenes go on and on without reason.  Example: the scenes showing Mary Vivian Pearce leaving her residence, waiting on the bus and then riding the bus before arriving at the park take from 2:45 to 7:23.  That's over 4 minutes of literally nothing!  No dialogue, no forward movement.  Nothing.  It's the opening scene of the movie (post-opening credits), so why not just start the film at the park!?  There's many unneeded scenes like this.  That said, I love early John Waters' stuff, so even watching Dreamlanders running around doing nothing is still interesting.

Crude B&W photography, Divine briefly out of drag, slow as molasses pace, crazy story that doesn't make a lick of sense, chickens murdered, a ridiculous amount of songs snipped and spliced together.  Worth a watch for fans of Waters, but most other people would probably be bored to tears. I would love to one day see a proper release with a John Waters audio commentary.