Sunday, July 23, 2017


Enjoyable (and trippy) lazy afternoon time-waster about an archaeologist in Derbyshire, England who finds a large serpent skull.  Soon after, all kinds of weird things start to happen, like the skull is stolen, a teenage boy is murdered, a cop is bitten by a snake and...a neighbor turns out to be a human-snake demon creature who worships the ancient snake god named Dionin.

As far as British-ancient-snake-cult-movies-starring-Hugh-Grant go, THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM isn't too bad.  Totally awesome 80's-looking surrealist images, blasphemy, pace that was too slow for it's own good, beautiful English scenery, numerous references to snakes, light nudity, mild violence, meh ending, complete dedication to the role by Amanda Donohoe (who pretty much carries the film), director cameo.  I just wish the film had spent less time on the characters needlessly talking and more on doing crazy shit like the dick bite scene.  Still, it's worth a watch for fans of mildly weird films about snakes.

I would love to see a THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM comedy remake where a detective is investigating a sudden rash of teenage boy corpses popping up with large snake bites on their ping-dings.  The writers behind "F is for Family" or "Brickleberry" should get to working on that for my amusement.

Double feature with RAWHEAD REX.