Monday, January 11, 2010


[Update 10/17/17: God this review is all fucked up. I touched it up some just now, but I still need to come back a work on it...a lot.]

RAWHEAD REX doesn't mess around. Right from the opening scene he's kicking ass!

A farmer in Ireland is clearing a field when he comes across some big rock with ancient-looking writing on it. A normal person would maybe call a museum or a lawyer or something, but no, not this guy. This guy knocks it over and out pops Rawhead Rex like a jack-in-the-box! Boom! He's been buried down there forever, so to make up for lost time, he runs around for the rest of the movie killing everybody he sees. The only break he takes from stomping mudholes in people's asses is when he urinates on a priest! That's awesome.

I really enjoyed this movie. Rawhead looks pretty cool in an 80's monster kind of way, lots of great violence, nice tits, a quick pace, a beautiful Irish countryside setting...RAWHEAD REX is rad. Check it out.

Question: why didn't Rawhead kill the pregnant broad? I thought for sure he was going to stomp on her belly, but then the scene just cut off. Did I miss something?