Saturday, July 16, 2016

DHOOM 2 (2006)

 "Find a place to hide...because once I'm done with you, you'll are done for!"

A is the world's "coolest" thief. Jai is the world's greatest cop, no word yet on if he's the "coolest" or not, but his partner Ali is definitely the dorkiest!  Together these two nerds team up with the hot Sonali and to try and capture A, but this dude has more tricks up his sleeve than the 4,000-tentacled love child of Houdini and Cthulhu. He's a master of disguise, can jump 20 feet straight into the air, rollerblade faster than cars on the highway, dodge bullets, surf out of a desert, dance like a motherfucker, skydive all over the joint, collect antique coins, drink lots of Coke, play Russian roulette, give smouldering looks, jump a helicopter on his motorcycle, cook and...he has three thumbs!!!

Somewhere along the way A teams up with the sexy Sunehri (who likes to say her own name), but there's really no need to go any further into the plot, because it's all so illogical that you can't do anything but stare at the screen in total disbelief. The entire 152 minutes movie is just a long stylized-to-the-max action scene/music video intercut with slow-motion shots of people playing basketball in the rain or walking really cool with the wind blowing their hair. In other's fucking awesome!!!

Sadly there's no nudity, cussing or actual gritty violence, but still, DHOOM 2 is a fun and goofy film that's a blast to watch and laugh at.  Which brings to mind...even though I've seen DHOOM 2 like a dozen times I've never even seen the original DHOOM.  Guess I'll have to go take care of that right now!

[Update 07/18/16: Tried to watch the original and I only got 45 minutes in after two sittings!  I'll never finish it.  Skip it.]

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