Sunday, July 26, 2009


[Update 6/18/2017: I promise to fix this review one day. I have no fucking idea when.]

Click on that poster.  Click on it!!!  [waiting...]  Did you see that?!  That's like one of the most awesome horror movie posters of all time.  Unfortunately, for us idiots who fell for it, the movie itself sucks total fucking balls.   The first movie was just ok (it had an awesome poster also), so you would have thought that I learned my lesson, but no I go into Part 2 thinking about how promising that poster looks's crap.  Very little action, mostly shot in the dark and the shots of the wire-flying piranhas are so quick you can barely even see what's going on.  Very disappointing.

The only saving grace in this clusterfuck is it has an early performance by Lance Henriksen.  Skip it.

Part 1

Reboot 1
Reboot 2