Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ZOO (2007)

It's amazing how a film with such an interesting subject - the infamous "Mr. Hands" horse love video where a guy is loved to death by a stallion - could be so boring. The facts we know are some guy's got together for a weekend of fellowship and horse molesting, but ZOO never goes any farther than that. There are a few audio interview clips from three of the participants told over vague reenactments but that's it! Where are the interviews with psychologists, human sexuality experts, police, family members, hell anybody that could shed some light on why a person would sink to the level of not only being penetrated by a two foot horse dong, but actually going through the trouble of finding like-minded perverts, getting together and filming it?

Very disappointing. The only interesting things I learned from this 76 minute snoozer was Mr. Hands had a cast of the horse's wang in his apartment and that one of the miniature horses on the ranch was trained to suck another horse's dick. What the fuck is wrong with people? It's a good thing the aliens in THE ABYSS didn't see the Mr. Hands video instead of Ed Harris sacrificing himself to save his wife or we'd all be dead right now!!!

Thumbs up for making a documentary about such an interesting subject, thumbs down for doing it in such a boring way.
No, you were evil before just nobody knew about it.