Friday, November 27, 2009


I saw this sitting on the shelf at the video store and rented it without even reading the description on the back, I wanted it to be a surprised cause with a cover like that anything could fucking happen! (Please, please, please be eyeball shaped aliens who come to Earth to rape hot blonds at a nudist colony! Please Satan let it be true!!!) And surprised I was cause this is a fucking serial killer movie! The story opens with some dork breaking into a woman's bedroom late at night. The broad wakes up and understandably freaks the fuck out! The dude tries to calm her down, so she rewards him with a spoon to the eyeball!!!

Skip forward a few years and ol' boy has an eye patch and in the light of day looks surprisingly like Hannibal Lecter. He owns a small art store, but seems to spend most of his time stalking and killing women in broad daylight. You'd think somebody would notice this creepy looking fucker chasing chicks around while screaming stuff about how he's gonna rip out their eyes, but I guess not.

For a zero budget serial killer movie from 1971 THE HEADLESS EYES is actually not too bad, much better than a lot of the more recent serial killer movies I seen lately. I doubt this will ever make it to DVD, but if it does then it should at least deserve a rent.