Monday, November 16, 2009


NEKROMANTIK is a justifiably infamous film and even though it's 30+ years old it's still pretty messed up. Younger, first-time viewers though (jaded from all the fucked-up shit on the internet), will probably find the whole thing cheesy, cheap-looking, slow and nowhere as violent as they had expected.  Dated or not, I actually liked the film and honestly think that it deserves at least a footnote in The History of Cinema.

Our hero, Rob, is a pathetic loser who's employed cleaning up accidents and crime scenes. Being a deviant freak, he pockets small odds and ends of humans (eyeballs, fingers, etc.) and takes them home to his disgusting apartment and his horrible girlfriend.  She doesn't seem to like Rob, but instead uses him to feed her sick desires of bathing in blood and humping random body parts. One day, Rob makes a huge score and brings home an entire dead body! The two of them, happy as a pig in shit, start making out and fucking the putrefied corpse.

Things take a turn for the worse at his job and he's fired. So now that her supply has dried up, his girlfriend shows her true colors and runs off with the corpse! Dumped for a dried-up corpse, that's gotta hurt. Rob's depressed over the whole thing so [SPOILERS!!!] he kills a cat, bathes in it's entrails, watches a shitty slasher movie then kills a few people and fucks a corpse before he stabs himself while popping a boner and shooting a geyser of jizz and blood all over the joint. [END OF SPOILERS!!!]

Interesting film and one of the highlights of 80's cult cinema. Worth at least one viewing. Also you might recognize some of the audio since it was used in the Nine Inch Nails song "Reptile".

Part 2 - Nekromantik 2