Friday, November 27, 2009


Made for what looks like maybe a few thousand bucks THE VIDEO DEAD is the story about some fucked up TV set that allows zombies to enter into the real world. The evil television is accidentally delivered to a random guy.  The zombies kill him off screen. Three months later two 40-year-old looking teenagers move into the house and the zombies are still there just hanging out in the woods behind the house.  The zombies kill a dog and then a few random people. Instead of calling the cops or somebody with a gun or better yet just getting the fuck out of there, the teenage boy goes looking for the zombies in the wooded area out back...he finds them. Some stuff happens back at the house to the sister. It's all very slow, the special effects and makeup are high school level, the acting is just people stiffly reciting lines, zero nudity, zero scares, slow pace.

I'm really now sure why this has such a cult following. I watched this with a few friends and other than a few scattered laughs it wasn't a hit. If you're curious about it then check it out, it's not a horrible film just slow.  If you need me, I'll be in my room watching NIGHT OF THE CREEPS.