Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Back in 1880's NYC there's a loud, domestic tyrant of a father/husband (Powell) who bellows all the time and rules his family with an iron fist...or so it appears.  In reality, his dingbat wife (Dunne) ignores his constant screaming and pretty much lives her life in complete dream world. They have four boys who do normal boy stuff. That's the makings of good film, I guess, but just a few minutes into it the wife finds out her husband hasn't been baptized so for the remainder of the film she makes his life a living Hell and pesters him endlessly to get baptized. Is that suppose to be funny?  I just found it depressing.  This dude provides for his family so they can live in luxury and then when he goes home he has to listen to his wife preaching to him nonstop.  Uggggh.

Powell and Dunne both do fine with their terrible roles, but that ain't saying much.  The only reason I can think of watching this downbeat clunker is to check out the young Elizabeth Taylor. She's beautiful!  Maybe I'll revisit LIFE WITH FATHER when it gets a better looking release, but as for now I was hugely disappointed with it.  Skip it.