Monday, January 25, 2010


As with the majority of sci-fi survival/horror movies since ALIEN/ ALIENS the first 30 minutes of PANDORUM was exciting, cool and full of possibilities, but then the story sets in and it's just your standard running around the spaceship while being chased by some goofy looking humanoid creatures that you know are evil cause they twitch a lot and they always have their heads tilted sideways.

Hundreds of years from now Earth is all f'ed up so humans pack their shit on a huge spaceship and head out to distant Earth-like planet. While everybody hypersleeps there's just three people left aboard to take care of the entire ship (sounds like a good idea). One of the three goes nuts and kills the other two, then he, well I can't tell you, but everybody is asleep for a long, long time and when our hero wakes up at the beginning of the movie he doesn't know shit. That's pretty exciting and I really enjoyed the first 20 minutes, but soon it settles into your standard human vs. creatures on a spaceship story.

Worth watching, but there was zero gore, very little character development, no tension, zero tits and a lot of the action scenes had that superfast editing technique going on to where you have a some trouble figuring out what's going on. Also the whole mental illness aspect was done in the same way that most movies do it with the twitching head and the backwards sound effects. Yawn.