Monday, May 3, 2010


Ahoy! Lets mate. I read in a book once where it said that pirates would sometimes hold a captive still, make an incision in his torso and pull out a little bit of the person's intestines then nail the intestine piece to the mast and then chase the poor guy around with a burning poker which would end up forcing the guy to disembowel himself. Nothing like that happened in CAPTAIN BLOOD, but one guy got branded on the face and another got a big hook in the back. For 1935 that's pretty hardcore.

Errol Flynn is Peter Blood a doctor living a peaceful life in England when he's called out to help an injured man. The man is a rebel and since Blood was helping him he's arrested and sentenced to death. Right before has date with the hangman he and his fellow prisoners have their sentences reduced from death to being sold as slaves in the Jamaica colony.

Once there Blood and his friends are sold to an asshole who works the shit out of them on his plantation. All kinds of stuff happens and eventually they escape and steal a large Spanish ship which they use to run around all over the Caribbean robbing the shit out of people and doing pirate stuff.

This movie was entertaining. I don't know how much it would hold up to repeat viewings, but for the one time I watched it I enjoyed it. Errol and Olivia were great, but kinda like in THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD Errol's men got on my nerves with their silly babel and comic relief. Other than that this was a pretty action-packed movie and a fun watch for classic movie fans.