Monday, May 24, 2010


A man, while out on his boat, passes through a strange mist. A few months later he notices that his clothes are too big and he's lost weight. He goes to the doctor and yep: he's shrinking!!!  Happens all the time.  At first it's not too bad, but soon he's only a few inches tall, so he moves into a doll house. He stupid wife accidentally lets a cat in and it attacks him. He manages to escape, by falling off the basement stairs into a pile of clothes, but when his wife sees his bloody shirt and the cat licking it's paws she automatically assumes that he's dead.  He wakes up in the basement and since he's only a few inches tall it's like he's on a alien planet. Soon he starts to get hungry, so he starts searching for food and hopefully a way out.

This is a very interesting premise for a movie, but it's just too slow. I'm sure back in 1957 this movie was thrilling the shit out of audiences, but watching it now I found it to be a little boring. The spider scene was great though!

Worth watching, but don't expect too much.
Buttsecked by a giant spider?