Tuesday, May 25, 2010


R. Lee Ermey is a Sgt. Maj. in charge of a squad of soldiers. While on patrol they go to a village they've visited many times before and even befriended the locals. When they walk in they find out everybody's dead. Most have had their heads cut off and rammed on stakes, the children are in a big pile and a bunch of the women have been raped out. This angers Ermey so they go off looking for answers and end up killing a bunch of undercover VC. After that they head to their destination: Firebase Gloria. It ain't shit, just a series of trenches on top of a small hill, but they have to protect it...from the 2,000 plus zipperheads that's barreling down on them!

As a young whippersnapper who was nowhere close to even being alive during the Vietnam War, I have no idea how accurate any of this movie is, but it seemed pretty accurate to me. Either way it's a good movie and my only complaint was the budget was too low. More money would have made the action scenes a little bit better.

If you can find a copy I say check it out! R Lee is worth the price of admission alone! He even tells a guy he's gonna to step on his dick. Hahahahaha!!!
R. Lee holding two severed heads!

Hey, it's that guy from "Twin Peaks" and "Six Feet Under"!