Monday, May 3, 2010


I think WINDSTRUCK could be considered a spiritual sibling to MY SASSY GIRL. Not only does it feature the same director, writer, lead actress and a cameo by the lead actor, but at moments it even covers some of the same emotional ground. That said it's a really good movie, but it cannot compare to MSG. That is a nearly impossible task.

The beautiful Ji-hyun Jun is a cop and one day she arrests the wrong man (twice) for purse snatching. Naturally he takes a liking to her and volunteers for some kind of police helper program and is partnered with her. After one very eventful night on patrol they are bf/gf. This is the best part of the movie. I really, really enjoyed all of their little adventures and games they play together...then things take a serious turn and it's a fucking bummer for the entire last half of the movie. I was getting fucking depressed over the whole thing then comes the final scene and it was great, I couldn't help but smile. It also answered one of the questioned I asked in my MSG review. But it brings up another question, this time a spiritual one: [SPOLIERS!!!] if you're soul mates with somebody and they die and their spirit introduces you to another soul mate then what happens when you die? You live in Heaven with two people?! Sounds kinky. I believe in nothing, so personally I don't have to worry about that, plus I'm all alone (WHY?!!!!!!!??????!! *sobbing sounds*), but I was just curious how somebody who knows more about Korean culture and beliefs would think.

Spiritual questions aside this was a really good movie and if it had just kept the happiness of the first half going for the entire movie it would have been a classic. The sad scenes were just too much of a bummer for me.

My favorite scenes were the entire handcuffed together part and the scenes where she brings him lunch, I watched that scene a half dozen times. Very funny. I also really like the brief moment when they are walking together and he nervously glances over at her and she smiles, so (relieved) he smiles back, she frowns and he instantly goes back to being nervous again. LOL. I don't know why but I really liked how she was playing/flirting with him in that moment. Very sweet.

If you like romantic comedies then it's definitely worth a watch, but only after you've watched MY SASSY GIRL a few times. Trust me. Also make sure you find a better DVD than I did. It was the only copy I could find, but sadly it sucked fucking vampire bat dick!

Great picture of Jae-young Kwak and Ji-hyun Jun on set...