Sunday, July 4, 2010


Small town sheriff (Timothy Olyphant) is enjoying the simple small town life when one afternoon at a high school baseball game a dude with a shotgun and a blank stare walks onto the field.  there's a standoff and the sheriff is forced to kill him. Autopsy reports show nothing unusual, but then other bizarre events happen and Olyphant is going to get to the bottom of it no matter how many times we've already seen this scenario before.

The first few minutes were pretty good and actually built up a little suspense, but then by the 30 minute mark it'd done shot it's wad and died a slow formulaic death.  Still for a newer film THE CRAZIES is better than the average horror release, which is kinda sad since THE CRAZIES is disappointing overall.  The highlight of the film for me was the hot Danielle Panabaker, not the ho-hum violence.  Worth a watch if you're interested, but it adds nothing to the horror genre that we haven't already seen before. No tits, a little blood, no gore, zero scares, but still somewhat entertaining. Honestly though you'd probably be better off spending your two hours reading Brian Keene's "The Rising" instead.

THE CRAZIES drinking game: every time the sheriff and his wife split up and every time the deputy saves somebody.