Monday, September 27, 2010


Life's been pretty swell for Charley Brewster in the three years since the original FRIGHT NIGHT. He's in college, he's still friends with Peter Vincent, he's got a cool PREDATOR poster, he's still got that cool 80's hair and best of all his new girlfriend is a gigantic improvement over that diseased sea donkey he was banging in the first movie. Yuck! Now for the bad news: the vampires are back and even worse is it's the sister of the dude he killed in part 1. Yikes!

Good sequel. I enjoyed it, but it lacks that certain something to make it an 80's vampire classic like the original or THE LOST BOYS. The wall climbing werewolf and the roller skating vampire did help though.

More blood and ooze than I expected, hot girlfriend (she never got even close to naked though), not as much Roddy McDowall screen time as I had hoped for, the vampire gang was not scary, the "sexy" female vampire was ugly, great 80's clothes.

Part 1
Remake 2

Nice PREDATOR poster.