Monday, September 13, 2010


As you know, I absolutely love the first two DEATH NOTE movies, so I was curious to see what else the director did and I found PYROKINESIS. It's the story about a woman, Junko, who has the power to burn shit up just by thinking it. She's pretty good at controlling it, but it leads to a lonely life. Which is sad, cause she's very attractive. At a work party she starts talking to a handsome beau hunk motherfucker and even befriends his little sister. Later that night, after the party, the sister is kidnapped and tortured to death by a sadistic gang that likes to make snuff movies for money. Using her powers Junko sets out to find the gang of assholes and kill them. While searching she finds out she's not the only one with psychic powers...

Overall it's a good movie that starts out strong, but ends up suffering from a needlessly convoluted plot and just being too damn long...115 minutes! Also I thought the ending was too melodramatic. I was impressed by the female detective, played by Kaori Momoi, she did a great job in what would have otherwise been a boring role.

Worth a rent if you can find it. Zero nudity, all CGI fire, zero gore.
Hey look it's a cameo by Steven Seagal's daughter...why the fuck do I know that??!!!?!

Renji Ishibashi!!!! I love that guy! He was so great in GOZU and DEADLY OUTLAW: REKKA.