Sunday, September 12, 2010


The only reason to watch THE UNBORN is Odette Yustman's ass, but you only get to see it few a few seconds!  So what's the point of the other 88 minutes of the movie?  Hell if I know.  There's something about a demon trying to be reborn as a baby or something, but since the violence is all watered down and the story is about as unoriginal as it gets I'm not really sure what the filmmakers were going for.

Too much story, pissed off ghost/spirit, sudden loud noises, jump scenes, hallucinations, evil creatures tilting their heads crooked, a lot of the colour blue, Gary Oldman, C.S. Lee and James Remar wasted, flashbacks all over the place, produced by Michael Bay, completely wasted supporting cast.  Outside of those few fleeting moments of Odette's legendary booty cheeks THE UNBORN is a complete waste of time.

Skip this turd.