Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CRITTERS 2 (1988)

Everybody's favorite GREMLINS ripoffs are back and this time they ain't satisfied with just tearing up a farmhouse, hell no, this time they're gonna rip apart the entire fucking town of Grover's Bend! Maybe it's just me, but doesn't the name Grover's Bend bring to mind Tarker's Mills from SILVER BULLET?

Anyway, the return of the Krites (via some old, leftover eggs) just happens to coincide with the return of Brad Brown, who was the young hero of the first film. Right from the beginning, the Critters start attacking and eating everything in sight. At first, people don't realize what's going on, but once a dude in a Easter Bunny suit gets gobbled up in front of the entire church congregation the citizens of Grover's Bend realize things are fuuuuucked. Luckily for them, the bounty hunters from the first film have been alerted of the Krite breakout and return for some asskicking of their own.

The budget looks to be lower than the original film, but the script is fast-paced and action-packed enough to keep fans of the original happy even despite the return of the insultingly stupid Charlie character. I hate that motherfucker so much and would love nothing more than to watch a Krite to rip his goddamn dick off.  Slowly.

If you enjoyed the first film, then you at least check this one out. It's worth a watch. If you didn't like the original, then you're probably a card-carrying member of the No Fun Club and I'm not sure what you're even doing on Happyotter. Go be boring somewhere else.

Bounty hunter tits.

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