Monday, December 6, 2010


Cyrano de Bergerac is a master sword fighter and poet who would gladly fight 100 men but recoils in fear at the mere thought of expressing his secret love for the beautiful Roxane. Why? Because he has a giant nose and figures she will reject his love because he's so ugly. Cyrano is madly in love with Roxane so when she confides in him that she's attracted to a new soldier in Cyrano's military unit he wants to crush the guy, but instead he takes the cadet under his wing. Then when he sees the guy means well but it's an idiot Cyrano writes endless love letters to Roxane for him. Naturally Roxane falls wildly in love with the young man, but how long and how far will this charade go?

CYRANO DE BERGERAC is a nice mixture of romance and action and even a little humor. The 137 minute run time flies by in a swirl of love filled wooing and sword swinging asskickery. The main attraction though is the portrayal of Cyrano by legendary actor Gerard Depardieu (who I would rank as one of the Top 10 Actors of All Time). I can't even think of anybody else who could take this character and completely own it like Gerard does. He's a true pleasure to watch here. Every mannerism and gesture he does expresses something. Cyrano is a very loud and vibrant character, but yet Gerard still manages to capture the internal torment that Cyrano is going through and express it to the audience without us even realizing it.

The look of the film is also beautiful with impressive costumes and sets. My biggest complaint is the story wasn't as dark or heartbreaking as I had hoped. Also I wasn't impressed by the Roxane character. I've never read the original story, but in this movie she didn't seem very well fleshed out. She was kinda a ditzy simpleton actually. That's just my opinion. Still it's a great movie, I just wish the Roxane character had given me more of a reason to be deserving of Cyrano's delicate prose. If you like romantic films then check it out!
Amazing lighting in this shot.