Monday, December 27, 2010


A large drugstore opens in a small town and four of the local business owners plan a revolt...until they meet Obayashi, a super-sexy drugstore employee who they all get the hots for instantly. They stalk her and learn that she plays lacrosse, so naturally they do the wise thing and start playing lacrosse themselves! And it fucking works! She finds out that they've been playing lacrosse and decides that she'll be their coach. WTF? Things snowball and before you know it they're playing other teams including a bunch of old housewives and some Native American Indians. o_O

The story is fucking wacky and makes very little sense, but yet somehow I enjoyed the movie and found it to be funny and kinda sweet. It didn't hurt either that Tanaka Rena is fucking beautiful...holy shit. I just read a few minutes ago, on IMDb, that she played in a Japanese TV version of MY SASSY GIRL!!!!! Has anybody seen this?! I need a copy!

Fun bubblegum movie. If you like silly movies then check it out.
Nice jacket.