Monday, December 13, 2010


Mediocre 80's teen sci-fi comedy about a high school student who breaks into a military base and steals a glass orb gizmo. Turns out the gizmo is from the Area 51 spaceship and can rip the spacetime continuum a new asshole and in the process make all kinds of weird shit appear at the high school including a dinosaur, Nazi soldiers, Viet Cong soldiers, gladiators and futuristic mutants.

That all sounds good, but unless you fell in love with this movie as a kid in the 80's you're gonna think this movie is cheesy and kinda lame. The story is interesting, but after awhile it just fizzled out and died a slow death. You'd be better off watching THE LAST STARFIGHTER. Zero tits, dorky jokes, loose ends, dated special effects. Skip it.