Wednesday, December 22, 2010

S&M HUNTER (1986)

While doing some research about THE JAPANESE WIFE NEXT DOOR director Yutaka Ikejima I came across this 1986 shocker about a gay dude who's boyfriend has been kidnapped by an all female high school gang and forced to have sex with them against his will. The gay guy is desperate so he enlists the help of "S&M Hunter" to rescue his boyfriend. S&M Hunter is a friendly sadist who faster than a blink of an eye tie a woman up and give her pleasure she didn't even know was imaginable. What he doesn't know is the newest member of the gang is a girl who knocked out one of his eyeballs in their last fight. She also dresses up like a Nazi SS officer for some unknown reason.

At only an hour long there's no fucking time to bullshit. It's all action and sex the entire movie with only the barest amount of time spent on talking, but even then it's hilarious cause they say some crazy shit. I enjoyed S&M HUNTER a lot. The comic part were very funny, but I do have to complain that none of the girls were attractive, so that really put a damper on the sexy scenes.

I'm not sure if it's worth buying, but if you can find a copy to rent it's definitely worth watching. I was especially pleased at the seriousness to the two gay characters. It's rare to see a exploitation movie from the 1980's where the gay characters weren't treated as a joke.
Yutaka Ikejima